Hello there… How do you do?

I am a writer and a poet too,

How about you?

I tell stories… or rhyme,

Words I make mine,

Do you? I wish I knew.

“A pleasure…! And oh, so fine…”

I can assure the pleasure is mine.

Ma’am, may I offer a nice cup of tea…?

I see… Coffee… same as me.

Sir, perhaps a good cigar…?

And do tell me who you are…

Are you visiting from afar?

No, we’re not sitting on a shining star.


You see, high over fake virtual skies,

Are mysterious lands without lies…

And intolerant people far behind,

Kari’s World you did indeed find.

Want a cookie dear, from Granny here…

Ohhhh… Silly me…!

Perhaps I’m not quite what you see…

Still having a rather young soul,

For souls hardly get old...

In time that does not exist,

But somehow hard to resist.

Now seeing a very affable smile…

Do stay and enjoy my world for a while!

And please come again!


You’re Always Welcome, my Friend!


Copyright©2013 by Kari M. Knutsen


Psssssst...! Psssst...! Yesssss... YOU!


TODAY I have:

A "Little Something" just for YOU!




 My book “Want a Peek?” is now published and offered here:




Click away, get it and have a blast!



Yessss, and today I even have a few new pages here for You!!!

"NEW!!! LIFE" and  "NEW! Poem "YOU"  as well as "NEW!!! GOODBYES" and "NEW! LIFE AND DEATH" (actually remade...) as well as "New! Ooops!A poem!" and more... a Mystery...

Oh, yesssss!



All right... Hold on to me, my Friend!


Oh, yessss! Smile and Enjoy!

Furthermore as easy as smiling and should you have a few minutes more... 

Click on page: "From my Novel..." (The 11th. page from the top in the page Index... to the left...)

And as if by Magic... We're there! ADVENTURE!!!

Chapter 1 and 2 of my upcoming novel... now right here! BUT not for long... No. (The Prologue is a secet... Oh, yesss.)

You must meet my Willoughby... I can assure you'll never forget him... NO. Oooops! Hah! Enjoy!!!

All the pages with numbers are from my novel "Forever and Beyond." Well, quite a story about my William Willoughby, the protagonist who says:

"Holy mackerel and corset strings!" And more... much more.

Howz:"Love is an Art... the thing is that as with any Art to become a Master... One must practise quite a lot."

Oh, yesss, my Willoughby!

On page "1. Will's Philosophy." 



So what are you waiting for? Don't dillydally, dear...!"




OH, YESSSSSS! And for a bit of CATCHY MUSIC... and More!

Click on  Page "7. SPAIN 1812." OH,YESSSS!

If you can sit perfectly still listening to that music... I owe you a cup of coffee! Oh, yesss! Hahahaa!

I have added to Pages 8. Spain 1812-- 9. Brothers 1814... 10. Crazy Lust 1815" ... Page 3. Love and Romance, (Willoughby's) and 12. Redemption... as well. Ooops! Well, several New things...









Granny Kari

Sarah Varian Barry 02.03.2018 01:43

I'm new here. I love what I see so far. Such warmth and fun with a mindful side.
We never hardly get snow in Ireland. Now the country is on shutdown.Its great!

Susy 29.01.2016 19:07

Loved checking out your website! I met you on the ORD/LHR flight. I was the flight attendant & you were my favorite passenger!

Drusshti 11.12.2015 19:37

wonderful site :) .......

fernando. 03.08.2015 07:04

I like.

Enrique Ávila Morales 05.06.2015 04:00

Me parece maravilloso el haber podido ver todo esto, me gustaría saber si podría traducirse al idioma español, desafortunadamente no entiendo absolutamente nada

sonia sicat 19.03.2015 09:01

Your poems are so delightful, funny, touching.. reading them is so worthwhile.. they make me cry and smile. You write as though to improve on life! Thank you.

Lyn Shenu 26.02.2015 13:11

Great Website Kari—thank you for sharing it with me!

Omena 12.02.2015 03:40

Love you wit and smile. Great web page

Terry Cooper 24.11.2014 15:43

Very good Kari, will come back when time allows to read willouby's tale.
Can you offer support to A SNOWBALL for PEACE a care2 petition designed to garner peac

Merlin D. DuVall 23.11.2014 22:49

that was interesting... in a pleasant way. Thank you!


kathleen 20.11.2014 18:57

Lovely site. Thanks.

pj johnson 18.11.2014 19:13

Hello from The Yukon Granny K. You are a delight and your positive energy is infectious. Thank you for sharing & Keep on shinin'! :)

Gigi Sedlmayer 18.11.2014 04:15

What a beautiful site. And you Kari? You are such a wonderful person. Smile, the world is a beautiful place. Thank you for inviting me to your world.

Kharis MaceyYour name 15.11.2014 02:51

I love this page, very inspiring. Makes me feel that this journey is worth it. Blessing and thank you for sharing your amazing life with me.

Alan W. Jankowski 03.11.2014 06:10

Yeah, I'm very human, and have been known to mess up, no doubt about that...and thanks for the recent friendship on FB btw...

ilanah 31.10.2014 18:00

Beatiful web

Gaurishankar 25.10.2014 03:51

Sweet Kari, it is not your world .it is the world of lovers world over....especially my world. Your words are like whispers of love and poetry mingled .

Kanour 23.10.2014 22:16

Wonderful site... it's very vivid with its art... Regards

Audley Hitchins 22.10.2014 02:30

A very friendly & accommodating Page, with balanced humor. Refreshing & memorable.

Jim Horn 20.10.2014 16:14

This is so sweet and dear
Will always want it to be near
With music and a melody
Waking up the rest of me.

After have troubled and toiled
New world will unfold

Munia Khan 20.10.2014 14:15

Thanks immensely for your beautiful work, Kari.Wish this planet would be as wonderful as your amazing world.Thank you so much for being you. Excellent website.

VLZ 14.10.2014 22:17

LOL you are a delight and a breath of fresh air My dear, and it is so nice to see a face with a warm promising smile of true delight. Nothing fake here. Lovely.

Margo 13.10.2014 01:10


Margaret Snowdon 03.10.2014 15:46

Most impressive website, my friend, altho I would rather have peace and quiet as I read ( meaning no music) - only my preference. I love your sense of humour.

inguna brazil 28.09.2014 20:39

Granny Kari! You are fascinating and amazing woman!
You have most extraordinary website , and You are radiating joy and love of life

Lynne Lexow 03.09.2014 22:30

Oh this is such FUN... it is a bit late here now, but I am book marking this to read and enjoy when I am awake!!! Love it so far though!

Lene Fogelberg 26.08.2014 08:31

Thanks Kari, for sharing your beautiful thoughts and poems. Love your uplifting website, it made me smile for sure!

Debi Swim 21.08.2014 00:38

Hi Granny Kari,
I'm a granny, too, six wonderful grandsons. I'm enjoying looking around your blog. You have a wonderful smile and uplifting manner.

Omar Eldamsheety 08.08.2014 11:10

Wonderful page ... I like it so much.

Margaret O'Reilly 24.07.2014 15:58

Yes, Granny Kari, I smile
For now I meet Walt Whitman's child
Who springs from Norwegian ground,
A sturdy and ironic shoot
Who sings herself to world renown.

Ilana 20.07.2014 02:48

Kari, love this is so pretty, I simply love it and I love you.Shores

shores are sometimes longing for a river.
I saw one day a shore
that a river left it dry
with a broken heart of send and stone.
And man, and man is also sometimes fated
to be left aban

Jan 11.07.2014 19:31

I'm in love. You're awesome! Make it a great day (somehow, I just know you already have!) The music's a nice touch too.

Fred Jinkins - Happy Old Artist 22.06.2014 16:47

Kari your spirit and good humor are wonderful. I just love to visit with you and share. I think you are a Happy Poet! Meeting you has been a delight for me.

Hope Hamilton Tate 17.06.2014 16:03

Hi Granny Kari,
This is a great website. Thank you for inviting me.

steGam 01.06.2014 17:24

Great one, Kari! Well done indeed

Herb 19.05.2014 18:33

Hi Granny Kari, I, too, write. I have a book of poetry to honour my wife of 48 years. Looking to publish. Sounds like we have some common interests. So, hello.

Skyrone Scipio 18.05.2014 12:29

Life I know is all about sharing , when we have found that which we can share with any other reason but the love of sharing , then we have reached the pinnacle.

Sayed H. Rohani 17.05.2014 12:41

A wonderful website!

Linda Harper 16.05.2014 06:42

Kari, what a lovely website. Thank you for inviting me.

Yvonne Mahlape Maserumule 14.05.2014 14:14

Lovely website! Thanks for inviting me.

Ricardo 12.05.2014 04:42

I come for a quick look and 15 minutes later I'm still here. In the words of my son you're super duper dope Granny!!! = (amazing) keep inspiring....

dawn craig 05.05.2014 22:55

Thank you for the invite to this wonderful page, I enjoyed reading your beautiful words it certainly brought a smile to my face and brightened my day x

susan 30.04.2014 20:28

A lovely sight indeed. Thank you for inviting me, so gracious and kind.

Keriann McKenna 27.04.2014 23:59

Delightful pages. Thank you for inviting me

Allen 24.04.2014 23:15

Thank you Kari for your words, they make me smile.

Wendell A. Brown 17.04.2014 18:38

Thank you Granny for the smile...it made my day visiting you! I also have a blog at http:wherewordsdailycomealive.wordpress.com. I can guarantee smiles too!

Linda S Moore 11.04.2014 05:37

What a wonderful site. I love your page. It did bring a smile to my face and that has not happened a lot this year. Thank you for the invite. :)

Jan Mann 10.04.2014 00:27

Your website brings a smile to my lips. Thank you.

Doc Briggs 01.04.2014 08:26

You have the "Touch" young Granny! ;)

jose gerardo 30.03.2014 05:17

una pagina muy bonita, muy completa

Bjorn 28.03.2014 20:04

Ah.. what a nice page-- and so nice to have you visiting my page.. I think I'll pass on the cigar.. ha.. now a dark evening in the outskirts of Stockholm..

Fred Jinkins - Happy Old Artist 25.03.2014 11:10

Hi dear friend Kari, Your joyful outlook and clever writing are an inspiration to me. I am painting my new picture Solomon the son of David.

Felix Kawawa 19.03.2014 15:46

Sharing few moment in your poetry world, left me lonely and wondering.
I stared in silence moment of few memoirs, rhymes falling and rising in billows, I Luv it

Mala Janardhan 19.03.2014 11:34

Hi Granny - What a wonderful site ! Loved it .... and yes - you do have a "rather young soul" ! Keep on being young in spirit and create more and more .... . :-

Jo Smith 19.03.2014 04:20

Loved the page. Creating mine now.

Jo Smith 19.03.2014 02:54

Kari, this is so fun and fun is hard to come by these days. It is needed by us all so I must find the dot to keep your wisdom coming.

joanna tucker 18.03.2014 02:06

Very nice.

yolanda moldauer 10.03.2014 19:26

I lime your page. Congratulations

Marion 10.03.2014 01:36


Jackie 09.03.2014 00:03

Thank you for sharing your world with me. It indeed made me smile! :)

George Hopkins 06.03.2014 22:55

Granny, you have a wonderful website. It is full of life, happiness, and love. Thank you for allowing me to visit.

bloomyebooks 28.02.2014 17:40

It is really nice, and it made me happy not just smile ... thank you for inviting me to this lovely page.

Theresa Dawn Sinclair 28.02.2014 12:23

What a happy lady you are Kari and thank you for inviting me to this airy world of yours.
I too am a poet and author so we have much in common already. :)

Cary Allen Stone 07.02.2014 00:32

Very cool website Granny Kari!

Pat Amsden 27.01.2014 05:31

I love your image of the world heart shaped.

Clive Sanders 24.01.2014 20:16

Hi Kari,
I really admire your web-page. I am glad you like my poems and if you want to see more go to "Somerset Landscape Artist and Poet" Facebook page.

Fred Jinkins - Happy Old Artist 21.01.2014 19:22

This is a Happy Web Page. Your wonderful page is an inspiration.

Fred Jinkins - Happy Old Artist 18.01.2014 17:23

Hi "Granny" Kari, Your webpage is amazing! I like it so much. Sharing email with you is an inspiration. I think you are a Happy Lady. Best wishes, Fred

Lulu 17.01.2014 16:39

Wonderful to see a happy face each morning...thanks for the invite...

Pat 15.01.2014 23:10

Met you on LinkedIn and liked your profile subtitle "Having the Time of Your Life Writing". It's good to see what you're doing on your site.

Tony 13.01.2014 02:46

Kari, thank you for inviting me into your World and what a Beautiful would it is. You sound and look so gentle, my warm cuddles to you. Tony . HUg.

Luis Alfonso. 03.01.2014 05:10

Qué lástima que yo no entienda ni escriba el Inglés, mi reina linda. Pero puedo decirte que tu sonrisa me sigue cautivando y siempre me invita a darte besos.

Ruth Kozak 23.12.2013 18:51

Merry Christmas to you!

Jasper Barry 12.12.2013 13:12

Hullo Kari. Like Willoughby a lot. Are there Willougby novels? Best wishes, Jasper.

Arbind Kumar Choudhary 28.11.2013 09:46

What a natural scenery! Indeed imaginary.

John Hanley 26.11.2013 11:34

Kari, thanks for the invitation to visit your most refreshing and entertaining site. The music is soothing yet inspirational and makes this site special.

Glyn Smith-Wild 25.11.2013 15:22

I like this lady. It's so refreshing to find a light-hearted website!


Ilana Haley 24.11.2013 18:59

Kary-angell my darling
I have been trying to Skype you for days. Are you ever on Skype? It would be so nice to see your face and talk a little. I love your webs

Cherrye Vasquez 24.11.2013 14:10

What a beautiful website.

I love the music, rich color and all the lovely work here.

Thanks for sharing with the world.


Laura Bailey 22.11.2013 05:45

Dear Granny Kari,
Thank you for inviting me into your world and a lovely world it is!
I will have a lot of fun poking my toe into your wonderful waters.

Judie 14.11.2013 19:04

I'm so very glad to meet you...Have you been published yet?
I would love to read some of your work.
Beautiful/peaceful blog page. : )

Kenneth T Vlasek 10.11.2013 08:26

Hello. I'm a retired American military vet 76 yrs old. Been writing poety for only two years, You sound like quite a lady. I like your sense of humor.

Richard A Jones 30.10.2013 10:24

Dearest Granny Kari

This is fun! I shall play here lots...

Erick 29.10.2013 20:23

Very nice my dear Granny!!

Conor O'Sullivan. 26.10.2013 14:10

Its a nice colorful site. Wish you all the best.

Ilana Haley 24.10.2013 18:56

This page is beautiful

Michael Spangle 23.10.2013 11:54

Nice. Thank you for the invite.

guitarraflamencaguate 23.10.2013 05:24

WOW!!Awesome website! Well done! Really like how you put it all together. Looking forward to reading all of your wonderful and exciting material!:)

Cathy DeWolf 23.10.2013 02:27

Hi Kari! So excited to see your beautiful site. Like the colors, the art and of course the lovely words. Wonderful!

Sarbelio Jaime 23.10.2013 02:10

What can I say about your website Kari?. It´s simple a lovely masterpiece!. Poet and rhyne?... uhmm, sounds good to me.... walking on rhytme.
See you around her

gael 23.10.2013 00:08

Hi Kari, nice welcome thank you, the cookies were good.

"Dr.subhendu kar 23.10.2013 00:03

""Beauty yet awes reeling through rungs of colors
earth burns brilliant by arc of sun painted in gold
beneath void of blue spumes of white soars high

David Ferretti 22.10.2013 20:42

Hello Granny,
Beautiful Web site. Nice poetic introduction too. My writing mentor has deep Norwegian ties and just spent a two week vacation in Guatemala.

G-Ma Johnson/Merle Ann 22.10.2013 20:28

cool I shall look around...G-MaJohnson

Hakan Baspinar 22.10.2013 15:48

Congratulations Ms. Knutsen.

kari 22.10.2013 10:58

Gratulere Kari.Nydelig webside .Klem Kari

Raj Chawla 22.10.2013 03:58

Congrats Kari..Sweet Granny
Kari Web Pages Beautiful Smiley like Smiley Kari
Raj is happy quite happy Kari
Regards and Love

sunny 22.10.2013 03:34

AWESOME!!!! and beautiful pictures that tells lot of stories, YESSSSSSS

Ilana 06.11.2013 21:03

My angel Granny. This a beautiful site with you're shining light all over it. Who did this site?
Your poems are so you, so different from others.

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29.05 | 09:56

Painful memories from a sad time I am part of it narrated with sensitive and caring words. Thank you for sharing with us dear Kari. With love, Livia

06.03 | 10:50

It is a stunning Website and I recommend that it is read whilst listening to the music playing in the background for enhanced enjoyment
Bravo Kari M. Knutsen

02.03 | 01:43

I'm new here. I love what I see so far. Such warmth and fun with a mindful side.
We never hardly get snow in Ireland. Now the country is on shutdown.Its great!

26.01 | 02:18

The music you employed for these poems matches the message The poems were elegantly worded. And the website is beautiful. Thanks for inviting me, my dear Kari.

29.05 | 09:56

Painful memories from a sad time I am part of it narrated with sensitive and caring words. Thank you for sharing with us dear Kari. With love, Livia

06.03 | 10:50

It is a stunning Website and I recommend that it is read whilst listening to the music playing in the background for enhanced enjoyment
Bravo Kari M. Knutsen

02.03 | 01:43

I'm new here. I love what I see so far. Such warmth and fun with a mindful side.
We never hardly get snow in Ireland. Now the country is on shutdown.Its great!

26.01 | 02:18

The music you employed for these poems matches the message The poems were elegantly worded. And the website is beautiful. Thanks for inviting me, my dear Kari.