My Newly Published Book 'Want a Peek?"

Time flies...
Me at 18 months...
Airports and me at 43...
Granny Kari at 65...
Not just me...
For You with warm regards from me,
Granny Kari M. Knutsen
Here I am with my book.

Hello there!

I am Granny Kari, a Norwegian firmly believing nothing is impossible not only having the time of my life writing. I am very proud to be the mother of 2 wonderful sons and a granny of 8 darling grandchildren after being run over by a truck in Oslo at the age of 5 and later told I could never have children. Well, an eternal optimist I did anyway, marrying and giving birth to both my sons in Oslo.

After travelling much, visiting over 70 countries and living in several, I have discovered what is even more, a friendly smile… no, not the fake kind we make when photographers ask us to say:”Cheese!” No, the real kind… for a genuine, heartfelt smile is understood by anyone everywhere and can even lighten up anyone’s day no matter how stressed we are. Such a smile is the best ‘word’ we can give to anyone and THAT is 'Saying Something' coming from a poet a novelist, a writer and an author. Oh, yessss!

A genuine smile works miracles. That and music, for music can take your soul whenever and whereever you want to go. I use music for inspiration when I write. I am what some call a happy poet in a world full of so many things not to be awfully happy about, and by now several do like my world. Awfully Human, I guess I just like to make people smile a bit for smiling is not only healthy; it makes people look nice… and feel nice.  Oh, well, I guess I’m just someone with a great deal of humor, insisting we are all just Humans… flawed and fabulous. Oh, yessss!

And one more thing, not everyone can make you smile with tears in your eyes. No, but finding someone who can is a real treat. I did and I’ve never been the same ever since. Certain laughter is the best medicine… even discovering happiness is within all of us… and a state of mind we can chose… or not, I have survived many things and even cancer twice…  and now at... Ehemm... (the age of 69.95… Hahaaa! A few months away from being 70 years old) Hah! Well, grateful to still being alive after a life that was a bumpy ride at times… but definitely quite a ride! Some say Old Dogs SIT barking…  Oh, yessss… my book... Have More than a PEEK!


                                  Smile, be Surprised and Enjoy!



Wanting More than a Peek? My book is found here: 




The presentations of my book are in a hard cover, a soft cover and in an E-book as well. Your choice.

A work of Love, all written and made by me... even the cover and other art... and you will find humorous 'Willoughby Philosophy' written in prose in my book too and more... some to smile about and some to reflect upon... Not my words, but several now even say 'Want a Peek?' is good company. Do tell me what You think!


Thank You, my Friend!





Frederick Jinkins 16.07.2016 22:05

Hi Kari Granny Knutsen, I am enjoying your book so much. Each poem and story is thoughtful and brings back memories to me to paint.

Frederick Jinkins - Happy Old Artist 23.06.2016 08:01

Hi dear friend Kari Granny Knutsen, I admire your writing and your amazing spirit. Thanks for being my friend. I am going to purchase your book.

Andy 01.02.2016 13:58

Amazing page with amazing grace, fom amazing Granny x

Gary Liles 10.09.2015 14:06

What a wonderful page my dear friend, thank you for the invite. Wishing you all the very best of all that life has to offer Dear Kari. :) x <3

Diana Baker 31.08.2015 02:25

Kari, this is so well-done I am in awe. I love your photo and your bio. You look astonishingly young! And you are a Cancer survivor. You are one of the postives

Helen (Lena) from Ukraine 30.08.2015 08:18

I feel it your book is great)) You are so positive! I wish I could learn it from you) Thanks for your smile!!!

Caroline Cecile 16.07.2015 20:38

a very nice introduction, your spirit and heart shining through bright and clear!

Margo 24.06.2015 00:11

Love it my love my sweet friend :)

Richard Wiggins aka "FOX"... 23.06.2015 22:49

Very well done...Good luck with it....All the best and God bless...You are a fine lady.....

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29.05 | 09:56

Painful memories from a sad time I am part of it narrated with sensitive and caring words. Thank you for sharing with us dear Kari. With love, Livia

06.03 | 10:50

It is a stunning Website and I recommend that it is read whilst listening to the music playing in the background for enhanced enjoyment
Bravo Kari M. Knutsen

02.03 | 01:43

I'm new here. I love what I see so far. Such warmth and fun with a mindful side.
We never hardly get snow in Ireland. Now the country is on shutdown.Its great!

26.01 | 02:18

The music you employed for these poems matches the message The poems were elegantly worded. And the website is beautiful. Thanks for inviting me, my dear Kari.